Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Neo-Existential Prelude to Doom

This week, Apple announced that they have sold over 100 million iPods. [Way to go Apple.]

To commemorate the iPod's impact on the way we listen to music, NPR played a news piece from 26 years ago, capturing public response to the release of the first personal-music technology-- the walkman.

One man said the walkman tolls a "neo-existential prelude to doom".

Ummm, what?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Table of my Dreams

My new table and chairs were the most expensive of my recent Craig's List purchases. However, I have no regrets!

My friend Reed helped me pick them up last night just before FHE. Seeing his full truck in the parking lot, someone in the ward thought it would be pretty funny if they took everything out of his truck and loaded it into their's and then dropped it all off at his house. Luckily, they decided that would be too much work, so I didn't have to go through having my brand new table stolen, albeit temporarily!

Like I mentioned yesterday, I really love the lines of the chairs. They're simple, but stylized.

Another bonus, the table folds out to become twice it's original size (Seats 10-12). The mechanisms are really well-crafted and slide ever so smoothly. :-)
I'm looking forward to reupholstering the cushions. In addition, some of the chairs' joints need to be tightened. I'll need to do a little research to learn how to do it right.

Monday, April 09, 2007

First Impressions

I've always known that Craig's List and I would get a long quite well if I ever introduced myself. Maybe even a little too well! For that reason, I've put it off for quite some time, but with my roommate getting married in Aug. and taking several furniture items with her, I decided it was time.

In the last two weeks I've made the following purchases:

Cute bookcase for accessible fabric storage: $35

Desk and chair for our 1970's-style, upstairs livingroom: $30
(This is going to look great with a new paint job eventually.)

Bad picture of a nice table and 6 chairs: $400
(These pieces are older, but really well-made-- in Sweden. I also love the lines of the chairs. Maybe I'll post a better picture after I pick them up today.)

I think this has been a sucessful introduction to Craig's List. Anyone have a really great Craig's List story?