Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What Would You Get?

You may recall that I am being trained to be a professional water taster. After 40+ hours of training and a like amount of practice, it was determined that our group was prepared to take the final exam. (Yes, there is a final exam for water tasting. They are quite serious about this stuff.) The exam lasted 4 hours and consisted of several tasting and smelling sections and a written portion. We all passed, which means that we have become “highly calibrated instruments” –as our instructor, Roy, puts it. (My highly calibrated nose is currently picking up some foul aromatics. I hate it when people microwave strange foods early in the morning. It’s bad enough at lunchtime.)

Strange as it may sound, the exam actually was kind of challenging and I was quite surprised to learn I received the high score for the group. Roy told me that it is tradition to send a gift/award to the high scoring panelist and that I should think of something he can ship to Las Vegas. He hails from Boston—so if I want anything Bostonian, this is my chance to get it. Does anyone have any suggestions? (Roy said Red Sox paraphernalia is a popular pick and that he once shipped lobster from Maine—too bad I don’t like lobster.)

What would you get?

Friday, June 09, 2006

Copy This--Part II

Utah copy centers in the news: Angler Marc Anderson of Pleasant Grove caught a record setting fish over the Memorial Day weekend. The muskie weighed in at 31 pounds, 11 ounces and was 49 inches long with a girth of 23 inches.

Utah fishing rules require that witnesses be listed on the Record Fish Certification. The rule also requires that fish be weighed on certified scales. In the case of Marc’s record catch, the witnesses were two very surprised and shocked employees of FEDEX/Kinkos in Ogden who were the only ones that Marc could find with a scale big enough to weigh the fish!