Monday, May 22, 2006

Copy This

At lunch today I stopped by my local FedEx Kinkos to drop off an order, which I felt was pretty straight-forward. . .

1- Cut the magazine down the middle
2- Laminate the front and back covers
3- Put a black spiral binding on the whole thing

Michael, my service representative, proceeded to fill out the order form on the computer/register at the counter. He asked for my name and phone number (okay). And then spent at least four minutes filling out the job section—which consisted of quite a lot of typing. When he printed out a claim receipt this was the only order-specific information that was on it:

Kara Wilson
Front and Back covers $2.49
Binding $5.48
Sub-total $7.97

I really think he was emailing his girlfriend while I was standing right there! What could have taken so long? What was all that typing about? And why does this job cost eight bucks? That’s a total rip-off and you used up my valuable lunch break time.

I miss my Kinkos at home where my neighbor John always helped me. I miss Cougar Creations at BYU where I never spent more than four bucks to get my Conference Ensign bound. I miss living in a town where there are copy center choices.

What do you miss about Utah Valley? I know there’s something—even you diehard anti-Provo-ites miss something.

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Race Is On. . .

The other day, my friend Wendi and I agreed to have a blog-off about a funny moment we shared in the car on the way back from the temple. She has posted an entry as a guest contributor on All Things Cropstar, maintained by our mutual friend Christy, who was also present on this occasion. I am a day late, but I have not yet read Wendi’s entry and am now recording my own version of the events.

Catch Me If You Can
I am sure you all remember the game of chase from your elementary school playground. The third grade girls would lure the boys away from their games of kickball or soccer to be chased, and then conveniently caught by the boy they thought was cutest.

My third-grade-self did not get the memo. I distinctly remember the pride I felt in being the only girl on the playground who the boys could not catch. (Imagine my surprise, when my obviously superior sprinting abilities did not prevail against the other girls at the Field Day races.)

The other day, some friends and I were reminiscing about those playground days, and I discovered that I wasn’t the only girl who thought the goal was to actually out-run the boys and avoid capture. As all of us are still single (and going strong), we concluded that this early form of coquetry might have relevant application to adult life.

Some of the most amazing girls I know are single. They’ve been out there playing the game of ‘chase’ for quite a while and have yet to be ‘caught’ because they keep out-running all the available guys. Most boys take one look at these girls and conclude that either they can’t catch them, or aren’t willing to put forth the effort it would take. Unfortunately for the boys who are willing to make an attempt, amazing girls are also skilled in executing effective evasive maneuvers, such as serving a mission or moving away for a terrific internship or job opportunity.

The difference between my third-grade self and all the amazing girls I know is that they now know the goal is to be caught–they just aren’t willing to sacrifice the equally important goal of running their hearts out. We’re not trying to avoid capture—we’re just waiting for someone to come along who can keep up!

I think the world of you girls, and I think you deserve far more credit than you know. Not that life is a race, but if it were—you would be winning!