Monday, May 21, 2007

Mt. Whitney 2007

Just a general announcement, because I can't contain my excitement. . . I am climbing Mt. Whitney in less than 2 months.
(I just noticed we will be starting our climb on Friday the 13th.)

I will be climbing with:
Melissa, running partner
Jacque, hiking friend
Bryan, awesome little brother
Daniel, brother's roommate
Ryan, brother's friend
The photo is from Ian Parker. Nice work Ian!


Blogger Mark said...

Hope your trip is a blast. We may run into you on the way out. We start our trip on Sunday July 15. My Brother, My Son, My Daughter and Niece are all climbing together. Three of us are from Minnesota and have absolutely no hills to practice on. Two are from Orange County and have already done some 10,000 ft climbs

2:48 PM  

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